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Equiinet Failover connects you with every sale no matter what

Equiinet Failover: a system to keep you connected in the event of a connectivity failure

Connectivity failure is one of the biggest issues facing small businesses because you are relying on internet to do almost all of your business now and days. Failures like this will disrupt your work in unforeseen ways. With Equiinet, the impact of system failure never touches your business because traffic is automatically and seamlessly redirected to Failover.

Failover available on many devices and networks:

4G / 3G / WiMax – These are ideal for most low bandwidth locations such as restaurants which need reliable connections for credit card transactions.

aDSL / Cable / Fibre – For businesses with larger network usage, which require full services at all times, you should use one of these. All traffic will automatically use the secondary connection whenever there are issues on the primary connection.

Operations automatically restored

You are guaranteed 24/7 operations even if there is an outage since Equiinet will reroute all operations automatically.

Failover also takes place before operations are affected, minimizing interruptions to business. Even if a primary connection is severed, Equiinet’s proprietary failover system ensure minimal downtime, a critical factor for essential systems, like point of sales machines (POS). Equiinet algorithms prioritize bandwidth requirements to ensure your most critical systems are enabled at all times and essential operations continue without any issues.

Maximize Revenue, Minimize Risk

With Equiinet, you are able to maximize revenue, minimize business risk, and eliminate operational exposure. This ensures that you never put customer relationships at risk.

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