Professional Business Phone Services for Your Business

Equiinet delivers 24/7 efficiencies in threat management and communications that solve your business concerns. Regardless of the industry you do business in, Equiinet offers experience creating voice and IT solutions that address your unique requirements.

Enterprise Business Phone and IT Solutions

Equiinet is singularly unique: minimal upfront costs allows your business to be provided a wide range of integrated voice and IT services in a manner that challenges existing standards. Delivered via an Internet connection to a single box hub, Equiinet delivers voice, IT and network security through a single source. Simple, efficient and seamless, this precise integration creates unprecedented efficiencies and savings. One box built upon an open platform. Equiinet changes everything with minimal investment because Equiinet empowers you to leverage existing investments in equipment and communication assets.

Predictable Monthly Telephone Bills

Because your solution is customized to your business, Equiinet begins its process with a free analysis to better understand your specific situation and needs. Your analyses include current service company commitments and contracts, services they provide, costs and options to ensure improved performance.

Customized Features For Your business

Customer-friendly monthly billing with no long-term agreements is the Equiinet way, ensuring you get exactly what you need with a predictable monthly fee that can help you to meet your budget and cash flow requirements.

Proactive Monitoring with Response and 24/7 Customer Support

Equiinet’s 24/7 advanced monitoring and altering technology provides you intelligent information on the performance, availability, network connectivity and security of your voice and IT services. Such 24/7 monitoring and responsiveness services means issues are uncovered early in the process before they impact your operations.

Equipment Provider

Equiinet business phones are enterprise grade color gigabit IP phones. We also offer tested and best-in-class companies, such as Yealink, Grandstream, Snom, Polycom, D-Link, Netgear, Ruckus Wireless and APC to help ensure that your equipment addresses your immediate needs and can be easily scaled for future applications and growth.

Single-Source Carrier Liaison

Equiinet works on your behalf, serving as a single-source carrier liaison, ensuring greater simplicity and accountability for your support requirements. In addition, Equiinet is a National Cox Partner, preferred Centurylink vendor and much more. We can connect you with over 200 leading carriers to help ensure delivery of superior broadband and wireless services.

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