Equiinet Backup

Simple and reliable cloud integrated backup as a service

We backup all your data for you, so there’s no threat of losing information due to a natural disaster or theft.

Simple and reliable cloud integrated backup as a service

  • Unified solution to protect data on-premises and in the cloud

  • 99.9% availability guaranteed

  • Reliable offsite backup target

  • Efficient incremental backups

  • Secure—data is encrypted in transit and at rest

  • Free US-based support, 7 days / week

  • External hard drive backup

  • Mirror image backup

  • Automatic video backup

  • Courier recovery service

  • Supported platforms include Windows and Mac

Data loss can happen at any time.


Easily back up all your computers, keeping your confidential and office information safe with the ability to restore a file from some day in the past. You also have the option of using off-site storage to give yourself that extra confidence that your data is safe.

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Some Stats

Simple drive recovery can cost over


and success is not guaranteed.


of businesses who experience 1 week of downtime go out of business within 6 month, and 50% of those businesses file bankruptcy.*

2 Million

laptops are stolen or lost every year.

Sources: Ponemon Institute LLC, Contingency Planning, Strategic Research Corp and DTI/PWC, 2004 and Mozy Pro Online, respectively.

The six main causes of data loss:


Hardware failure, including damage by power surge and drive failure


Human error, including accidental deletion


Corrupted software files




Theft, especially laptop theft


Hardware loss, including floods, fires, lightning, power failure

Source: Data from Safeware, The Insurance Agency, Inc. and Ontrack Data International, Inc.. http://gbr.pepperdine.edu/2010/08/the-cost-of-lost-data/

We're here to eliminate every possibility of Data Loss.

Equiinet provides reliable, scalable and cost effective disaster recovery solutions for businesses of all sizes.


On-Site & Off-Site Backup


+ $100

One-Time Installation

Choose Plan


On-Site & Off-Site Backup


+ $120

One-Time Installation

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On-Site & Off-Site Backup


+ $150

One-Time Installation

Choose Plan

Equiinet disaster recovery solutions are designed to automatically backup your businesses critical files customized to your needs. This backup can be kept onsite or automatically sent offsite.

Recovery and File Restore
Onsite / Offsite Backup and Storage Protection
Security of Data (Offsite backup is encrypted, onsite file share can be password protected)
Internet Failover
Centralized file share
In case of an outage (power or internet) incoming calls are forwarded to your number of choice)
Battery backup can be installed for longer up time in power outages
● Automatic Scheduled backups
● Proactive 24/7 support with response

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