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Getting an education is very important to people, and most schools are now using online systems to communicate with students and accept assignments. It is essential for telephone system services, data backup, security and many more IT systems to stay up and running 24/7. Students need to complete assignments and check videos/emails from teachers at all hours depending on their schedules. When the system goes down, it is a huge mess and requires that teachers push back deadlines and make exceptions for students. Equiinet can help you keep your education’s system online all the time. Here are just a few of the services that can benefit your school:

E-Rate Eligible Equiinet Ensures Secure Data Backups

Equiinet offers automatic backups on site and on the cloud to make sure no information is lost. It could be devastating to have a problem where all the information was lost. If there was some kind of natural disaster or even if someone hacked the system and wiped it, teachers would lose entire lesson plans and setups for their courses, and students would be angry to have homework lost.
When backed up to the cloud, Equiinet ensures the safety and privacy of all information by encrypting it. Make sure your professors and students are safe and have their information safely stored.

24/7 Support and Connectivity Redundancy

In case of an emergency, Equiinet offers 24/7 support to allow your system to keep running. If the internet were to crash, we can keep your connection running. Our algorithms prioritize the most important systems in your business and keep them running, so you can still accomplish the most important tasks. Who says you need the internet to keep a school running?

Cost Savings from Day One

Schools have strict budgets to meet, which means you may not have a lot of extra cash to pay for employees to constantly be working and ensuring technical systems are always working. That is where we come in. The set-up fee is minimal since we host everything through a single box hub, and then we charge a low monthly fee to run your data backups, telephone system services and IT solutions. We can also come and do an analysis of your school to determine what services you need and which ones would be unnecessary. Fortunately, you can run all your services through us instead of having to look for a multiple companies to do all your voice and IT work, which will save you a lot of time and effort.

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