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Reliability Means Everything in Real Estate

Your business phone system and other communication systems are a necessity. In fact, they are used constantly in the real estate industry. With Equiinet’s all in one phone system and IT services, you can save money and will be provided with high quality service to stay connected to your clients.

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24/7 Availability Essential

It is very important for people to be able to call in and get the agent they are looking for no matter what time it is. People have different schedules, and most are looking for real estate in their free time, which may not be typical business hours.

In real estate, things move quickly, and if you aren’t able to answer the phones right away, potential customers can easily find another real estate agent to work with. Equiinet phone system features allow you to transfer important calls to cell phones after a few rings, which means busy real estate agents who are on the go have the ability to still get all of their phone calls.

We also provide services to link your work to the cloud, which means you can access your work from anywhere with any device. This is invaluable to a sales person who is constantly out showing houses and spending time with clients.

Low Cost Solutions

Here at Equiinet, we charge a one-time fee for your equipment and then monthly charges after that. We are much more affordable than the competition because we offer so many services bundled into your business phone system and managed firewall services whereas other companies may only offer one or two of our services. We will help ensure your real estate business is thriving.

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Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calls

Equiinet Skype enabled phone system includes with unlimited local and long distance and international calls. This means you can stay in touch with your global clients and increase your sales.


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