Voicemail to Text Transcription

Listening to voicemail messages is a time-consuming task. Usually, you only need a small snippet of the message to know what the call is regarding.

Equiinet’s Voicemail to Text Transcription feature delivers a readable text transcription to your email and mobile device allowing you to stay connected when you can’t listen to the wav file of your voicemail.

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Ensures you quickly receive voicemails in writing via email

Accurately and discretely read voicemails wherever you are

Let’s you forward voicemail messages from your email

Protects privacy as no live agents are involved in the automated transcription process

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Equiinet’s Voicemail to Text Transcription is a free service that will send a text message of a voicemail transcription to any 10 digit USA number that supports inbound SMS text messages. Enjoy the benefits of text transcription at no additional cost.

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