Equiinet Provides Non-Profits with Peace of Mind in Voice and IT Solutions

Non-profit organizations are very special organizations. Your job is to help, whether it is people, animals, the environment, or something else. You want to do good by working to serve and are driven to achieve a mission. When it comes to your communications, you have been using the same business phone system for many years, and it is no longer functioning very well. It lacks a number of features that are important for the organization’s operations. Not all of your staff has access to voicemail and you don’t have conferencing capabilities.

Improved Functionality

Equiinet’s business phone system and service can add a number of new features that improve how your organization interacts. All of your staff members can have their own unique number (DID), voicemail and voicemail to email. The Find Me/Follow Me feature automatically routes calls to a cell phone after ringing the desk phone so you can stay in touch with your staff and they can be mobile.

The easy to use conference line helps you communication with external people more professionally. You can have a reliable phone system and service that meets your needs.

Save on Communication Costs

Your non-profit wants every cent to go to your cause. That is why it can be difficult when you consider spending time and money on any phone or IT solutions. You would prefer to take that time working for what you believe in. Equiinet has a very small setup fee to set up a single box hub that runs your services and a very reasonable monthly fee with no long-term contract. We can also handle all of your needs so you don’t have to take the time working with several different companies. Here at Equiinet, we offer a free analysis to get your non-profit started. 

Some non-profits are really small with just a few workers while others have thousands employed to keep the non-profit up and running. Regardless of whether your organization has a small or large team, Equiinet can help you with your communication needs. With over 20 customizable features, we are able to tailor a solution based on what your non-profit needs, so you don’t end up paying for unnecessary services.

We’re Here 24/7

It would be a shame to come back from helping refugees, putting out fires, feeding the homeless, saving the whales, or the thousands of other things that you are doing for your non-profit to find you can’t reach your service provider. Equiinet is available 24/7 to keep your non-profit off the ground. We offer free support and provide training to your staff.

Free Analysis

If you are used to providing clothing for the homeless, you may not know what kind of business phone system you need or what kind of internet service is available. Equiinet will help. With our free analysis, we will help you decide what you need. Equiinet will offer suggestions for your non-profit, whether it be voice services, a Failover system, a private secure network, faxing, Wi-Fi, anti-virus protection or a firewall. We will make recommendations to meet your current and future needs!

Non-Profit Case Study

Nevada Children’s Center

NCC integrated their phone system with Equiinet’s Feature Rich Voice Service.

Unified threat management for added data security and protection is essential for client records.

Web filtering protects users from viewing inappropriate sites and offsite backup provides a peace of mind.

Savings, Technology and Fanatical Support Helping Businesses Help People. 

Switching to Equiinet is simple. Will show you how to leverage your existing investments in equipment and analyze exactly how much you’ll save on your telephone expenses!


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