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Connectivity failure is one of the biggest issues facing small businesses. Nowadays, you rely on the Internet to do almost everything for your business. Failures disrupt your work and can lead to data loss. With Equiinet, the impact of a system failure never touches your business because traffic is automatically and seamlessly redirected to Failover.

Failures happen, disrupting your business in unforeseen ways. But with Equiinet, the impact of a system failure never affects your business because traffic is automatically and seamlessly redirected to Failover. Equiinet can provide Failover through a wide range of devices:

3G, 4G, and LTE Failover

– Ideal for most restaurants and retail which need reliable connections for credit card transactions.

DSL, Cable, and Fiber Failover

– For businesses with larger network usage, which
require full services at all times.

You are guaranteed 24/7 connectivity even if there is an outage, since Equiinet will reroute all operations automatically. Failover also takes place before operations are affected, minimizing interruptions to business. Even if a primary connection is severed, Equiinet’s proprietary Failover system ensures minimal downtime, a critical factor for essential systems like point of sales machines (POS). Equiinet algorithms prioritize bandwidth requirements to ensure your most critical systems are enabled at all times and essential operations continue without any issues.

You are able to maximize revenue, minimize business risk, and eliminate operational exposure. This ensures that you never put customer relationships at risk.

Equiinet Has You Covered

Never Worry About Another Network Outage!

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“My credit card machine does not crash anymore. During the long weekends that was the norm. In the past, my credit card would crash at least one out of four days and I would lose roughly about $5,000-$7,000 per day. That hasn’t happened with Equiinet failover. I‘ve been through a lot of long weekends and that’s a good sign.”

Lovepreet Singh, General Manager at India Masala

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