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Only 20% of Organizations Trust their Data Protection.

With Equiinet, automatically back up your important business files. You can also store cloud backups privately on-site by utilizing Equiinet's router. Prefer to store your backups on the cloud? Our innovative Express Bridge to Microsoft Azure cloud is the most reliable, secure, and cost-effective solution.

Learn more about our security solutions:
  • ● Virtual Integrated Network Appliance
  • ● Strato-Link Protection Against Ransomware
  • ● Managed Router and Security
    Manage your backups with the 3-2-1 Rule. This rule suggests your business should have 3 copies of data at all times:
    2 backups of your data in 2 different modes (such as on-site and off-site) should be heavily considered.
    1 copy of off-site cloud data storage is necessary to protect your information.  

    Business cloud backup services give you an edge over your competition. Cloud backup protects you against security threats and ensures your operations are not interrupted at a reasonable price. For a free consultation, contact one of our specialists.
Learn about Equiinet's Cloud Backup Pricing.
Rest Easy Knowing Your Data Is Backed Up
Benefits of Backup
● Recovery and File Restore
● On-site Backup Protection
● Bridge to Microsoft Azure Cloud
● Security of Data 
● 256-Bit Encrypted Virtual Private Network
● Internet Dual-Wan and Failover
● Centralized File Share
● Automatic Scheduled Backups
● Proactive 24/7 Support

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