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telephone provider

Equiinet is a leading telecommunications provider of business phone service, network security, and high speed Internet. There is no need to maintain several services from several providers who charge several payments each month. Equiinet will take care of everything.

As your single source for support with one low payment each month, we make budgeting easy. Equiinet has a team of highly skilled individuals who work with you to create and maintain all of your business phone and technology needs.

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Whether it’s a natural disaster or human error, your voice and IT information, documents, contracts and emails are backed up. We offer 4G and Dual-Wan Failover, which means even if there is a loss in connection, all of your information is safely moved to another server until everything is up and running again. 4G Failover assures that your business keeps functioning, even if your Internet connection is not.

telecommunications provider

We provide a free analysis for you to determine the best solutions for your business needs. We customize features for your business industry, whether it be phone services, Internet, or security issues. Learn more about industry specific solutions, such as:

Equiinet provides a fully managed solution. Set-up costs are minimal and monthly fees are always low. 24/7 award-winning customer support allows you to focus on your business and not your telecommunication services. Schedule your free telecommunications provider consultation.

"My calls are answered in a timely manner and there is never anything they are not happy to assist me with. Equiinet makes every client a priority and we are pleased to work with them." — Priscilla H. at Cobblestone Construction

Communication Solutions for Business

business voip services

Business VoIP Service

Choose from over 20 customizable voice and network service features. Only pay for the features you want.

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network security

Network Security

We reduce complexity and protect users from internally and externally generated threats by combining multiple protection measures into a single, powerful appliance.

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cloud backup

Backup & Recovery

Equiinet disaster recovery solutions are designed to automatically back up your business' critical files, customized to your needs.

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4g failover

3G / 4G Failover

With Equiinet, the impact of system failure never touches your business because traffic is automatically and seamlessly redirected to Failover.

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