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Business Phone System that Elevates Your Business

Professional businesses rely heavily on technology to operate. It can be devastating if you experience a disruption in service, are hacked, or lose all your data. Fortunately, Equiinet offers 24/7 support to ensure that you have all your concerns met and basic operations are able to proceed. Equiinet is your all-in-one solution
 for your business phone service and network security needs.

Do You Need Extra Help?

You have probably experienced the nightmare of losing your business' Internet connection or realizing important data is gone. Even if you haven’t been hacked, you have seen how bad it is for large corporations that have experienced it. Keeping your business safe and running no matter what should be your company's top priority. That's where Equiinet comes in with our network security solutions and 4G Failover systems. Never lose important data or connectivity again—with our proactive assistance, Equiinet always stays one step ahead of any problem.

Low Monthly Fee with 20+ Features Included

Equiinet is a cost-effective solution for your business with our minimal upfront cost and low monthly fee. Because we initialize all your services through a single-box hub, we are able to maintain your entire system at little cost to you. Our system is tailored to your company's unique needs, which means you only receive the features you want, and don't pay for anything you don't need.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Every company has different requirements. In order to understand your needs, we offer a free telecommunications analysis. This helps us to make the best recommendations for your business. Equiinet will detail a comprehensive report that determines your current services and the services you need to run your business effectively, at no cost to you.

Simplicity and 24/7 Support

There’s nothing easier for a small business than relying on a single trusted provider, rather than turning to different companies for each individual service. That is why Equiinet has made it so easy to package your VoIP and managed router services without compromising on price.

We are your single-source provider, delivering 24/7 fanatical support to ensure your company is always operating at its full potential. 

Small Businesses Love Equiinet

Secure, Simple and Supported.
Let Us Do That For Your Business Today.

Switching to Equiinet is simple. Will show you how to leverage your existing investments in equipment and analyze exactly how much you’ll save on your telephone expenses!


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