What Is a Conference Bridge?

A conference bridge allows a group of people to participate in phone call.  The most common form of bridge allows participants dial into a virtual meeting room by dialing a phone number from their own phone.  Equiinet’s conference bridge can hold up to 300 participants.  Conference bridge is different to three-way calling, a standard feature of most phone systems which only allows a total of three participants.

Everyone Can Participate

Key Features

  • Equiinet’s conferencing system can support multiple conference rooms, each of which can contain up to 300 participants at one time.

  • The total number of rooms and participants varies depending on the service and requirements of the customer.

  • Our conference bridge system allow the administrator to assign DID numbers to conference rooms.

  • A single DID number connects callers with an auto attendant greeting that prompts for a room number.

  • Conference rooms can optionally be secured by a PIN number.  Some customers use a common PIN for all participants while others use custom PINs for each.




Save Money with Conferencing

It saves you money

Conferencing allows companies to save significantly on travel costs.  In-person meetings are costly and time consuming.  A conference bridge system can pay for itself in just one avoided “on-site” meeting.

Collaborate with Conferencing

It connects your team

Conferencing is the core of collaboration and enables distributed or virtual teams.  Combined with VoIP connectivity for remote workers, conferencing makes it simple and affordable for a team to function across a diverse geography.

Be Professional with Conferencing

It makes you look great!

Conference bridges allow startup organizations to appear much larger and professional when communicating with prospects.

Savings, Technology and Fanatical Support!

Equiinet’s conference bridge services start at $30 a month. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business to success!



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