SD-Wan & Optimization


Equiinet has a hybrid (premise and cloud-based) architecture which delivers the best of both worlds. Our solutions are deployed on the customers site and deliver localized security, intelligent routing, and dynamic traffic shaping. Additionally, Equiinet can back-haul certain types of traffic which require dedicated/single IP services, or other cloud-centric functionality. Equiinet is the only hybrid architecture SD-WAN solution provider.

Improve site-to-site network reliability and performance via our VPN Virtualization technology. Site2Site works with MPLS and dedicated links to provide instant and automated remote office connectivity.

Site-to-Site SD-Wan
Secure Private Cloud

Hosted applications require fast and reliable Internet connectivity. Our Private Cloud technology, with patented link bonding, ensures uptime for your mission critical applications.

Automated VoIP Failover

Simple to deploy network QoS and redundancy for hosted and SIP trunk VoIP services. Ensure prioritization and guaranteed bandwidth for VoIP. Gain instant and automated failover for VoIP in the event of an outage.

SD-Wan Network Security

Unique WAN security services ensure protection for your network and reduced liability. Our unique services provide customers with the fastest web security on the market with cloud-based site categorization.

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