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Phone Service Can Make or Break Your Small Business

Phone service from the wrong provider can be challenging for a small business. It is devastating to lose phone calls because your service is down. Fortunately, Equiinet offers 24/7 support to ensure that all your concerns met and basic operations are able to proceed. In fact, Equiinet is your all-in-one solution to for your retail business phone service, Internet, and network security needs.

Let Us Manage Your Network Security

Do You Need Extra Help?

Losing important data is a nightmare for retail companies. Even if you haven’t been hacked, you have seen how bad it is for large corporations when it has happened to them. Similarly, losing network connectivity is detrimental to running your business effectively. Equiinet is here to ensure you never lose your network or your data with innovative security solutions like 4G Failover.

We can help you control and manage lost revenue and boost the customer experience. There’s a less risk of losing productivity when things are constantly running, and we can notify you before a potential network crisis occurs. With our proactive assistance, Equiinet always stays one step ahead of any problem. And the best part is, we do all of this for a low monthly cost to protect your bottom line.

Voice and IT Services

The main services offered at Equiinet provide you with all your business phone system and network needs. We customize this system, so you can choose the features you want without paying for the ones you don't. There are minimal upfront costs due to our single-box hub that delivers all your services.

We believe that one size doesn’t fit all, and every company will need something different. In order to determine your needs, we offer a free analysis of your company. This helps us to make the best recommendations for your business.  Since we don’t require a long-term agreement, it is also something you can try temporarily to see if it fits your needs before you commit.

24/7 Support Means You Don't Have to Worry

Simplicity and 24/7 Support

There’s nothing easier for a small business than relying on a single trusted provider, rather than looking to several different companies for each individual service. Equiinet makes it easy to bundle your VoIP and Internet services. We will take care of all your needs provide 24/7 support to ensure your company is always working, whether you are at the office or not. By using Equiinet, you ensure that your business has all the tools it needs to have access and success.

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