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Telephone System Services for Private and Charter Schools

Getting an education is very important, and most schools are now using online systems for homework and to communicate with students. It is essential for services, including data backup and network security, to stay up and running 24/7. Students need to be able to complete their assignments and check videos or emails from their teachers at all hours of the day or night.

When the telephone system and Internet goes down, it forces teachers to push back deadlines and makes life hard for students, as well. Equiinet keeps your education’s system online all the time. 

E-Rate Eligible Equiinet Ensures Secure Data Backups

Equiinet offers automatic on-site backups and virtual backups to our cloud to keep all information safe and secure. Regardless of the numerous ways data could potentially be wiped from a system, our cloud backup with express bridge ensures the safety and privacy of all information by encrypting it. This prevents any data loss, and keeps your teachers and students safe.

24/7 Support and Connectivity Redundancy

In case of an emergency, Equiinet offers 24/7 support to allow your system to keep running. If the Internet were to crash, we can keep your connection running. Our 4G Failover maintains the most important systems in your school working and keeps your Internet running, so your school day remains effective.

Cost Savings from Day One

Schools have strict budgets to meet. We at Equiinet understand the difficulties of maintaining your budget, and we are here to help. The set-up fee is minimal; we host everything through a single-box hub, which allows us to charge a low monthly fee to run your data backups, telephone system services and network solutions.

We conduct a comprehensive technology analysis of your school to determine what services you need and which ones would be unnecessary. Thankfully, as your all-in-one provider, Equiinet makes it easy to bundle all your phone service and Internet needs, so you can spend less time dealing with different companies and more time doing what you do best.

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