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Equiinet supports large, multi-location car dealerships that operate in single or multiple states. We can help your car dealership from being weighted down by the many communications bills that you have to pay. Equiinet can help your car dealership(s) reduce costs, simplify billing and add advanced functionality.

As your dealership business grows so did your communication costs. Unfortunately, those costs were growing faster than the business.

You have too many phone systems, too many phone lines, too many phone numbers and your communications bill is too big. You need to streamline, consolidate and modernize your telephone system with minimal interruption to the daily business.

Evaluate the unparalleled voice and network security solutions from Equiinet. Our low installation and operating costs will help your business excel and expand rapidly. Phones are a car dealer's lifeblood, so the system is connected to two different internet connections, using Equiinet's dual-WAN capability to provide failover protection. If the primary connection goes down, the phone system will automatically switch to the backup to maintain connectivity.

Your car dealership service and sales professionals are highly mobile, moving in and out of their offices all day long. Equiinet's innovative Find Me / Follow Me feature allows them to route incoming calls to ring their desk phone and cell phones simultaneously. This saves time, raises productivity, reduces voicemail tag and increases customer satisfaction.

The Equiinet system helps car dealerships bottom line too. While most car dealerships spend about $1,700 per month on communications cost for each of their locations, Equiinet's average monthly overlay is around $300. And since Equiinet provides the circuits, the PBX and the desk phones, car dealerships receive a single invoice every month that covers all their costs. If there is a problem, Equiinet resolves it. Equiinet's system performs flawlessly from day one.

Let us guide you in choosing the best voice and network security for your automotive dealership.
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