Phone System for a Highly Regulated Field

Phone System for a Highly Regulated Field

The healthcare field has strong profit potential. Yet, with the ever changing laws and regulations, there is a lot to know and a lot to do. Keeping up with your voice and high speed Internet services is a whole different area of concern.

In healthcare, compliance and liability are real issues. HIPAA guidelines must be strictly enforced.  All your information is important and needs to be protected. The patient’s information is of the utmost importance. That’s your department, but we're here to help!

Save Money on Telecommunications

Managed Voice and IT Solutions

Equiinet provides the reliable business phone system and managed data solutions you are looking for. We understand how to address the very complex challenges of your healthcare organization.

Our reliable services are made to withstand the years ahead with all the future changes your healthcare organization will face. We at Equiinet understand that you are in the business of protecting lives, so let us protect your business.

With our all-in-one service bundle, Equiinet provides VoIP phone service with high-speed Internet and network security for a low monthly fee. Here are just some of the features included to enable your healthcare business:

Equiinet's Proactive Support

Proactive Support, Diagnostics and Response

Equiinet works 24/7 to diagnose and respond to your network security and phone service needs. We are always one step ahead of a problem. Never worry about losing patient information: we backup your files on site, as well as to our virtual cloud with an encryption to secure their privacy. If there is ever any reason you need to access patient files from another location, such as from another hospital, you can simply pull it from your cloud data backup. It makes your ability to communicate with your patients easier, and we take care of all the support.

All-in-One Equiinet Business Phone and Network Services

Imagine integrating clinical diagnostic and treatment data with your EMR. Impossible? Not with Equiinet. We triage your situation, individualize your therapy, and scale it to make everything you are doing today better, faster, and less expensive.

Let Equiinet handle all your unique adaptive phone system and high speed Internet needs with our customizable platform, stellar customer service, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Equiinet Healthcare Services

Experience the Full
Features of Equiinet

Start using the most powerful business phone system in the industry!

Sign up today and see for yourself how Equiinet can save you money, increase productivity and change the way you communicate!


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