Cutting-Edge Innovation from Equiinet

Equiinet's cutting-edge technlogy

Equiinet’s lineup of platforms builds upon EquiiOS operating system and uses highly integrated, converged technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and Network Security. Together with sophisticated Quality of Service (QoS) techniques, we provide combined voice and data communications solutions for institutions and businesses.

Our Platforms
Equiinet's UC products are designed to significantly improve flexibility
while reducing both infrastructure and operating costs.
TICA Solution
TICA Appliance

Telephone Integrated Compute Appliance

The Equiinet TICA is built to fit your environment. Created with the power of Intel 7th Generation processor and innovative design. Equiinet’s multi-core drives and cooling options, allow TICA to deliver powerful and smooth performance for the most demanding tasks.

TICA Product Details
justINA Solution
justINA Appliance

Just Integrated Network Appliance

Equiinet’s most popular solution, justINA, is great for small to medium organizations seeking to  implement a pure VoIP solution with on-premise Quality of Service (QoS) techniques to manage the call quality. 

justINA Product Details
TINA Solution
TINA Appliance

Telephony Integrated Network Appliance

TINA provides organizations with legacy phone systems a platform with which to make voice calls over an IP network (VoIP). TINA has a built-in PRI that integrates with traditional and virtual instances of business phone systems.

TINA Product Details
MINA Solution
MINA Appliance

Modular Integrated Network Appliance

MINA is the world's smallest PBX. Built on the EquiiOS platform, it allows organizations to transition to Voice over IP network (VoIP) while reducing their CapEx. MINA has a built-in PRI that integrates with traditional business phone systems so you do not have to dispose of your existing equipment infrastructure.

MINA Product Details
VINA Solution
VINA with Strato-Link

Virtual Integrated Network Appliance

VINA is a cloud-enabled service. This means it’s easy to setup, simple to maintain, and scalable with your business. Just plug in the Equiinet provided router to your existing internet connection and you’re ready to experience the simplicity and security of VINA.

VINA Service Details