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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

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TICA Microsoft Teams

PSTN/Telephony services via our certified cloud gateways.

Equiinet can integrate into your Microsoft Office 365 platforms and offer PSTN/Telephony services via our certified cloud gateways.

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Make Calls Directly in MS Teams

This gives you the ability to port and use existing telephone numbers, purchase new numbers from anywhere in the US or even around the world and route these numbers to their Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business clients & desk phones.

Why Choose Equiinet?

Not only are we fully skilled in this type of complex deployment, but we have rolled out a number of systems already to small and large enterprises. We use the Ribbon (Microsoft Certified) virtual or on-prem SBCs depending on the customers requirements and can offer in single or high availability clusters.

microsoft teams sbc
microsoft teams

VPN Server for Secure Communications

A site-to-site VPN secures and encrypts private Microsoft Teams data communications traveling over the Internet. TICA’s VPN can securely connect to Azure ExpressRoute maintaining the QoS markings and packet prioritization.

Save on Microsoft Calling Plans

Unleash the full potential of Microsoft Teams with less complexity, increased reliability, and a lower cost on Microsoft Teams calling plans.

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Microsoft Teams calling

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing from Equiinet

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