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Call recordings are a powerful and underutilized resource available to organizations. They can help you more effectively motivate, evaluate and train your staff. Recorded calls can be used to meet regulatory requirements, verify accuracy, improve customer service, and increasing sales.

Company-Wide Recording.

Equiinet offers company-wide outbound and inbound call recording. This is an optional add-on service with Equiinet’s business phone systems. With company-wide recording, any direct inward dialing (DID) number or conference line can have the capability to record calls.

Everyone Can Record Calls




Recorded calls can be stored locally or in the cloud using the optional storage service. The amount of available local storage varies from approximately 200 hours to up to approximately 3,000 hours depending on the Equiinet solution required. Locally stored calls are kept until the local storage space is full. At that point, calls will begin to be overwritten, with the oldest calls being overwritten first. Calls saved with the archiving service are saved indefinitely.

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