PROTECT YOURSELF - We Care About Your Security

Our employees aim to provide the best service to you. Sometimes as companies in our sector become more successful with stronger brand recognition, deceitful people attempt to imitate Equiinet products, people, services and employees, both over the phone and in the community, any attempt to gain access to your property or information should be first verified. Please keep the following information in mind to protect yourself and avoid falling victim to a scam, and remember: Equiinet will NEVER call or visit your business to demand immediate payment and/or threaten immediate service disconnection. We will also never come to your office offering an unscheduled service call.


Keep the following in mind if you are in the presence of someone claiming to be from your suppliers: Equiinet performs Quote Assessments and  installations by appointment only. We do not come to your office offering an unscheduled service. For other services, an technician may knock on your door to alert you of his/her presence before making repairs or installing equipment, but will not need to enter your office. Our field employees are not authorized to collect payments from your office. Occasionally employees will inspect outside wiring to try and create a false alarm. Anyone who claims to be our employee and asks for money or access in the field is attempting fraud. Our employees carry Equiinet identification that includes their photograph. You should match the photo to the person assigned to your support ticket. You can call us to verify that a person is our representative, genuine invoice or secure payment. Call Equiinet  Corporate Security at: 702.789.6001
If you ask for an identification badge and one is not produced, do not admit the individual and call authorities. Inform Equiinet to report the incident. Employees also wear polo shirts bearing the Equiinet logo. However, simply having a polo shirt is not proof that the person is an Equiinet employee. If you have any doubts about someone claiming to be an employee, call us with the representative’s name. Again, Equiinet field employees ARE NOT authorized to receive payment. Only commercial office employees handling bill payments are permitted to accept money from customers.


Phone bill payment scams have become very sophisticated, often using "spoofing" tactics that make it appear they're calling from the telecommunications provider telephone number. They also have the ability to mimic automated system recordings to make you think you're being connected to a real representative. If you're unsure who you're talking to, always remember:

Equiinet WILL: Issue and email a 10-day notice on the Equiinet invoice from accounting@equiinet.com and a 48-hour notice via U.S. Mail to customers at risk of having their services disconnected because of non-payment. Provide some customers with a courtesy call that contains a recorded message to call Equiinet at either (702) 789-6001 or (702) 789-6009, depending on the service area.
Equiinet WILL NOT: Call or visit your business to collect payment and/or threaten immediate service disconnection. Use threatening or aggressive tactics to collect payment. Demand immediate payment by credit card, prepaid debit card, or cash transfer to avoid service interruption.

If you are contacted for immediate payment or think you have been the victim of a scam: Do not provide any personal information to the caller. Immediately hang up the phone.Call law enforcement. Report it to our dedicated scam line at (702) 789-6001 or (702) 789-6009.
It's worth repeating: We will NEVER call demanding immediate payment (especially by prepaid card) and threatening immediate service disconnection.

Finally, the world seems rampant with those annoying Apple, Microsoft and IRS scam calls. Equiinet can help buffer the fraudulent selections with iBarrier intelligent inbound voice routing and auto-attendant. Call for details.