BeeBang Headset
BeeBang Headset

BeeBang Headset

Price: $54.00
  • Works with specific Equiinet, Grandstream, Polycom and Yealink phones.
  • Telephone Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone. Adjustable Bendable Microphone Arm.
  • Single Ear Call Center Headset with Comfortable Protein Leatherette Ear Cushions. Adjustable Headband Fits All Head Sizes.
  • RJ9 Headset. Direct Connected without QD. With Additional RJ9 Adapter for Wider Compatibility. With Volume Control and Mute Key Built in.
  • Durable Connecting Cord. High Reliability PU cable with Tensile Fiber. Anti Acoustic Shock Circuit Provide You International Standard Hearing Protection.

Product Description

Phone Headset Mono RJ9 Telephone Headset with Microphone Noise Cancelling

Product Features

Cisco Unified IP Phones (no headset jack): 7902(G), 7905(G), 7906(G), 7910(G), 7911(G) &  7912(G)
Cisco IP Phone Model: CP-7821
Escene: GS330, GS292, CC800, ES620, ES410, ES330, ES320, ES310, ES290, ES282, ES280, ES220, ES206, ES205
Equiinet: F3PG, F6PG, F4PG, UC842, UC862
Grandstream: GXP1200,GXP1400,GXP1405, GXP1610,GXP1625,GXP2020, GXP2100,GXP2110,GXP2120, GXP2124,GXP2130,GXP2140, GXP2160
Snom: 320, 360, 370, 710, 720, 760, 820, 821 and 870
Yealink:SIP-T19P, SIP-T20P, SIP-T21P, SIP-T22P, SIP-T23P, SIP-T23G, SIP-T26P, SIP-T27P, SIP-T28P, SIP-T29G, SIP-T32G, SIP-T38G, SIP-T41P, SIP-T42G, SIP-T46G, SIP-T48G?SIP-T21PE2, SIP-19PE2

Technical Information

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