2018 Rejuvenate Arizona

Small Business Technology Rejuvenation Initiative

Rejuvenate Arizona 2018 is intended to help qualifying local businesses in the Phoenix metropolitan area save money from their current telecommunications situation.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this program to local businesses. Over the years, we’ve helped many businesses not only save money but also be able to understand what exactly they’re paying for.” - Equiinet's President, Leith Martin

This initiative’s goals are to help local businesses reduce their telecommunication costs by offering a free cost-analysis of their current services. 

Free Security & Telecommunications Assessment

If your business qualifies, Equiinet will conduct a site survey of your existing phone equipment as well as analyze your current telecommunications costs to help reduce billing costs.

Equiinet will also conduct a security review to make sure your business’ phone and internet is up to date and protected from breaches.

To qualify for Rejuvenate Arizona 2018, your business must follow these three requirements.

1. Your business must be based in Arizona

2. Your business must use a local internet provider in the Phoenix metropolitan area

3. You have at least 5 employees at your business

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