Equiinet China's Xu Jingting Shares Trends and Demands at CTI Forum

General Manager Jingting was invited to speak at CTI Forum's annual 2018 Editor's Choice Awards

at Industry Application and Market Analysis Theme Salon speaking on China's IP Market Trends

The Editor's Recommended Award is hosted by CTI Forum every year. CTI is a leader in information and communication technology site in China. The show's focus is on major ICT technology and product application, showcasing cutting edge solutions for those in the field.

Equiinet China was founded in 2014, bringing cutting-edge technology and superior industry competitiveness into China. We have sinced attracted a large number of outstanding talent to join the ever-expanding team forming a localized professional services team.

Jingting discussed the growing Chinese IP communications market, at a steady 20.1 percent growth rate as of 2018. The rate of growth is expected to continue for the next few years developing a new market for web-based communications.

Topics of discussion further included China's stunted growth in IP communication when compared to U.S. and European sectors, benefits of IP communications, changes in user demand and Equiinet advantages.

Believing the idea of “Intention Service”, “Keep Innovating” and “Pursuit For Excellence", Equiinet China aims to let you feel the convenience of foreign advanced technology to enjoy a more innovative and thoughtful service support.

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