Cloud Failover with Auto Attendant

Equiinet will always keep your business up and running

What Is Failover?

In an age when almost everything is connected through the Internet (or at the very least, an electrical outlet), it is imperative for businesses to prepare themselves for potential losses of power. You buy liability insurance in case of fire or natural disasters; why wouldn’t you also ensure your company will run smoothly even if there is a hiccup in your connectivity?

Failover is a feature that acts as a back-up power generator in case your Internet goes out. Our traditional 4G Failover operates like a hotspot that assists you if you lose network connectivity. Equiinet algorithms prioritize bandwidth requirements to ensure your most critical systems are always enabled and essential operations continue without any issues.

But what if your power goes out and customers are unable even to call your business? Utilizing Cloud Failover with Equiinet guarantees you will be able to maintain your day-to-day voice operations without skipping a beat. Calls are automatically forwarded from your company’s IP phone system to your desired employee’s personal cell phone. This means customers will always have a way to reach you, no matter what.

Failover Keeps Businesses Up and Running
Never lose important calls even if your phones go down.

Auto Attendant

While sending all your incoming calls to a single phone may work if you don’t expect a high volume of traffic, it is overwhelming for one person to be responsible for every phone call. That’s why Equiinet includes an Auto Attendant with our Cloud Failover. Callers are greeted with a personalized message from your company that gives them the option to be connected to a specific department or to leave a message. This way, customers can reach a particular employee based on the customer’s needs, rather than requiring one individual to handle the entire call load.


We believe in providing affordable solutions to all our customers. No business should have to suffer simply because the power goes out. Therefore, we offer several options for your business, so you can customize your Failover plan.

                       4G Failover                                                                                               Cloud Failover + Auto Attendant

                    $50.00 / month                                                                        $12.99 / month

                    (Plus low installation fee)                                                  (Plus low installation fee)


                                                          4G Failover + Cloud Failover + Auto Attendant

                                                   $59.99 / month

                                                   (Plus low installation fee)



If you sign up for a 3-year contract with Equiinet, you will receive Cloud Failover + Auto Attendant for FREE for 3 years! Simply cover the cost of the installation fee, and Equiinet will provide these two services, at no cost to you!

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