Fastest Broadband in Las Vegas

Broadband service in Las Vegas is up to 100 times faster than the national average in the United States. There are providers three main Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Centurylink, Cox Communications and LV.net offering up to 1 gigabit per second (GIG) connections. The local ISPs offer different broadband services and speeds at prices for any budget.

What is the fastest broadband service at the best price for you business? Here we walk you through the 4 fastest types of broadband services in Las Vegas.

fastest broadband
Fiber Optic Cable and Copper Cable Internet in Las Vegas

What is Optical Internet?

Optical Internet is a flexible, transparent fiber made of high quality glass (silica) or plastic, the size of a thick human hair. Optical Internet is a dedicated and symmetrical Internet connection. A symmetrical connection has the same upload and download speed and is ideal for business applications. For example, an optical Internet product will be a symmetrical bandwidth of a guaranteed 100 Mbps speed upload and download.

What is GPON Internet? 

GPON Internet is a unique type of broadband service provided by ISPs. It is an affordable fiber Internet option for businesses. Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) is a shared fiber Internet connection with symmetrical speeds. Usually 30% less in cost than Optical Internet, GPON is lower priced high speed fiber alternative. ISPs install GPON on their existing legacy network infrastructure and deliver the fiber Internet speeds in the last mile.

What is Wireless Internet?

The best known wireless Internet provider in Las Vegas is LV.net. They have the largest network of wireless service delivered through a series of antennas located at higher elevation points around the city. Wireless internet is dedicated and symmetrical. The data is transmitted through a radio signal which is then picked up by the antenna of the subscriber and carried through a cable to customer business office. Certain weather conditions such as hail or thunderstorms can intercepted the radio signal causing delay in the Internet. The advantage of wireless Internet is the availability of service in remote areas such as Mesquite, Boulder City, etc.

What is Coax Internet? 

Coax Internet is the most popular type of high speed Internet. 50-60% of Las Vegas businesses utilize Coax Internet which is delivered through a copper cable. Coax Internet in Las Vegas hits speeds of up to 300 Mbps download and 30 Mbps upload. Unlike fiber Internet, Coax is asymmetrical which means the upload speeds are must lower than the download speeds. Coax connections also have the disadvantage of being contended, meaning that your Internet speed is directly linked to the usage levels within your local area / business building.

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