Five huge advantages of VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) was designed so that access to voice communication could exist throughout the world. Unlike traditional phone service, VoIP doesn’t require phone lines, it works via an internet connection so it can work in places that don’t have any phone wiring. At first, people with VoIP service could only use it to call others with VoIP service. Today, VoIP can be used to call people whether they’re using a traditional phone service, VoIP service, or cellular service. Because of this flexibility, many small businesses are ditching traditional phone service in favor of VoIP to handle their communication needs. But flexibility is only one advantage. 

Here are five more:

Reduced Costs

Because VoIP doesn’t rely on phone lines, you don’t have to worry about the added cost of long distance calling. When paying for traditional service, you’re either paying by the minute for long distance calls, or the added cost is factored in to you unlimited long distance package. When VoIP was a new technology, it was more expensive than traditional service, but that’s no longer the case. Businesses often switch to VoIP because it saves them money each month.

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Conference Calling Capabilities

Though traditional phone service does allow for conference calling, the process is more complicated and expensive as each participant needs their own phone line. With VoIP, a single access line can be used by several participants at the same time by compressing data packets. With VoIP setting up a conference call is a breeze for all involved.

Useful Features

Traditional phone service, is just that: phone service. But VoIP offers a whole bunch of additional features such as contact lists, caller ID, extra-virtual numbers, voicemail, and video calling. All of these features are built into a single interface so employees have all the communication tools they need to be effective in one place.

Inexpensive Hardware

Not only is the service itself cheaper with VoIP, the necessary hardware is cheaper as well. Because you don’t need phone lines, your phones operate on the same infrastructure that already exists to give your employees internet access. Assuming you already have reliable internet and computers, the only additional expense is the phones themselves.

Unified Communication

In today’s mobile-driven world, your employees are just as likely to do work out of the office as inside of it. Another advantage to VoIP is that it supports Unified Communication (UC). That means your phone system can be integrated with other communication channels such as mobile phones. Employees can make and receive calls on their mobile phones thanks to call-rerouting functionality. Mobile devices can also be used to send video, text, and images to other mobile devices or work computers making collaboration easier than ever. By teaming up with a VoIP provider like Equiinet, you can integrate all of your communication channels into a single system.

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