How to Integrate Your Salesforce CRM with Equiitext Business Text Messaging Platform

Seamlessly integrate sales database then to EquiiText's mobile messaging platform?

Does your business use Salesforce to handle accounts? Are you looking to connect your CRM to EquiiText? Get the most of EquiiText by integrating the two.

Once set up you won't miss a beat. Inbound and outbound texts will automatically sync making sure you and your team save time, so you can focus on what really matters.

How to do all the amazing things

More than likely your business has a text enabled line or good old-fashioned landline, we integrate that channel to EquiiText. Ultimately, making it easy to send specials, schedule meetings with clients, update orders and more. Messages sent from your EquiiText platform syncs to automatically maintain activity accuracy.

Why connect?

  • Client Experience - Save money and provide customers an easier, off-line way to get the help they need. Make it five star service.
  • Accountability - See which texts go to each employee, and track response times. Get some insights and improve your overall business performance.
  • Increase Productivity- Prospects who receive texts convert at a rate 40% higher than those who don't, make sure you follow up with EquiiText.
  • Personalization - Let your customers know you value their business with seamless communications and customization of message to retain them.

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