Review: Equiinet F6PG Gigabit IP Phone

The F6PG Is the Smartest IP Phone Yet

Now that it’s 2018, it’s no wonder that desktop IP phones are becoming smarter and more functional. The new Equiinet F6PG is a pinnacle of smart technology, hybridized with the traditional IP phone design. It is easy to program and easier to use, and its advanced features allow for better productivity with fewer headaches.

Phone Features

The F6PG stands out from the pack with three color LCD screens. The main screen boasts a user-friendly 4.3-inch display, and two 2.8-inch DSS screens which act as a built-in extension module—a cost-saving solution to traditional IP phones. These intelligent screens have twelve DSS buttons, but with five available pages, the F6PG allows for a virtualized total of sixty DSS/BLF keys. With the phone’s ability to maintain 6 SIP lines and hold up to 1,000 contacts, the F6PG is the only IP phone you will ever need.

The EQ-F6PG has 60 virtualized DSS/BLF keys

Fortunately, since the F6PG supports its own URL, you can access the phone’s contact library, call log, and more through its webpage. Simply scan the phone’s QR code with your mobile device or log on through your computer, and you can easily keep track of all the information going in and out of the phone.

Scanning QR Code

Equiinet’s incredible new IP phone is PoE enabled with an entire gigabit of Ethernet capability. Its HD voice feature shines through both the handset and its full duplex speaker. Don’t want to talk the old-fashioned way? The F6PG also includes an RJ9 headset port that is compatible with EHS wireless headsets for hands-free communication.

Call Features

Along with the standard call features present on many IP desktop phones, the F6PG provides businesses the ability to set up private hot lines and unique pass-codes for their employees to dial out, otherwise known as hot-desking. Here are more of the F6PG’s call features:

Local 3-way Conference                                                                                 Do-Not-Disturb
Call Forwarding                                                                                                   Intercom
Mute / Unmute (microphone)                                                                     1,000-Entry Phone Book with Remote Access
Call Transfer (Attended / Unattended)                                                  Caller ID Display
Call Hold / Resume                                                                                             300-Entry Call Log (In / Out / Missed) 
Call Parking / Pick-Up                                                                                       Speed Dial
Call Waiting                                                                                                            Black / White List Call Filtering


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