Are Virtual Offices Better For Business?

Las Vegas Virtual Offices

What Is a Virtual Office?

According to a recent Gallup survey, approximately 43% of American employees said they spent at least some time working remotely. Whether this means they work from home or simply work from outside the office on a regular basis, the fact of the matter is that there are fewer people working in office spaces than ever before—and that number will only keep growing.

A virtual office is a place in which remote employees can virtually hang their business licenses. This is ideal for people who don’t work in an office and don’t want to: it provides remote employees with the ability to have a corporate mailing address and a live receptionist who answers and forwards business calls. A virtual office gives you a concrete, professional facility in which to have a location for meetings in a private office or conference room.

Essentially, a virtual office is a way to have an office without going to the office every day. Work from home or on the road or from other countries without sacrificing the professionalism of owning an executive office.

Work from Anywhere with a Virtual Office

Virtual Offices in Las Vegas

Rather than trekking to the office every day, the virtual office allows you a place to forward all your business mail and phone calls. When you need the physical space for a meeting, simply call ahead and book the location for your conference day.

There are numerous companies in Las Vegas that exist to assist you in securing your virtual office. Their buildings are elegant and tastefully furnished with individual office rooms, conference rooms, and lounges in which you and your team members can gather in comfort. There are always receptionists available to greet yourself and your associates, as well as to answer any questions you may have regarding mail or phone calls.


Who Provides Virtual Offices?

The following list provides information about some of the Las Vegas companies that provide virtual offices for remote employees:

Davinci Virtual



  • Great prices
  • 12 locations in Las Vegas
  • Complimentary online notary
  • Use of address


  • ‍Option for live receptionist requires an additional fee

Average price: $65 a month




  • ‍Pedigree business lounges
  • ‍16 locations in Las Vegas
  • ‍Complimentary license hanging
  • ‍Live receptionist answer with virtual office package


  • ‍High price

Average price: $185 a month

Lakes Suites



  • ‍Great pricing
  • Optional package for executive office space
  • ‍Complimentary license hanging


  • ‍Only one location in Las Vegas

Average price: $125 a month

Opus Virtual Office



  • Lowest live receptionist fee 
  • Free first month with 12-month contract
  • Complimentary license hanging


  • ‍Only 3 locations in Las Vegas
  • ‍Does not offer conference rooms, executive offices, or mail forwarding

Average price: $99 a month

St. Rose



  • Great overall value with package notification
  • On-site private mailbox
  • Unlimited call forwarding


  • Low availability due to number of rentals
  • Does not offer option for license hanging

Average price: $125 a month

Las Vegas Virtual Offices Comparison

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