VoIP Can Help Market Your Business

One of the first things that any business does in establishing themselves, is to acquire a business phone system. For many, VoIP is the obvious choice.

What is VoIP? 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) makes it possible to use telephony services across the internet. Unlike a traditional phone service, VoIP doesn’t require phone lines, instead it works via an internet connection so it is available in places that don’t have any phone wiring. 

VoIP brings benefits to business process and marketing in a way that wasn’t possible before. Here are 4 ways you can help market your business by taking advantage of something you already pay for.

1. Toll Free Phone Numbers

As a business with VoIP, having your own toll free phone number is important. Not only are you projecting a more legitimate and credible presence, but you’re more accessible to your customers.

With a toll free phone number, your customers outside your local area will be able to call you without incurring any long distance fees. You may even want to create a custom phone number to help promote your business. For example, 1-800-FLOWERS took that step even further, naming their business after their toll-free number to help with customer association and brand recognition.

2. Music or Messaging on Hold

Sitting on hold while waiting for business communication is often a necessary evil of the office, however that time spent waiting does not have go to waste! Businesses may use their hold time as an opportunity to inform callers about their products, special promotions, and events. Most VoIP systems will allow you to record a custom greeting or menu, allowing you to change your automated messages with the seasons, or to coincide with the release of a new product.

3. Click to Call

Click to call refers to a form of web based communication in which a person clicks a button or text in order to be connected with another individual in real time. Click to call is often utilized across the business in two ways. As an internal tool to aid in the rapid dialing of customers and leads and in Web and digital content to allow mobile and integrated VoIP customers to easily “click” or “tap” your phone number to call.

When businesses utilize this feature, they make it even easier for existing customers and potential customers to reach you.

In a Google study, they found that click to call is one of the MOST used features on the mobile search results page. (https://think.storage.googleapis.com/docs/click-to-call_research-studies.pdf)

4. Auto Attendant

With an auto attendant, your calls are automatically answered 24/7. This allows you to focus on your business and call-flow process. If an auto attendant is present upon connection, then you can easily triage inbound communication and direct it to the appropriate department without the need for direct human interaction.

Auto attendant is usually the first impression that a business can make on a potential customer. Businesses should focus on keeping their introductions short and to the point. Some may even be able to save money by allow their receptionist to be more productive with this feature as an auto attendant.


Market with Equiinet VoIP

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Author: Linda Johnston, Guest Blogger at Equiinet

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