What is Skype Announcement?

Skype is Great for Business

Equiinet's mission is to provide amazing, cost effective services for business. One free service that helps us meet our mission is Skype Announcement. Because Skype is a free international service, it is a great way to save money on the monthly telephone bill and allows people the opportunity to chat with anyone around the world. This is great for individuals, but Skype's servers are perfect for businesses that want to be accessible to their customers while also being budget savvy.

Skype Announcement

How does Skype work?

Skype works by utilizing Wi-Fi to connect a customer with a business instantaneous. Using an internet connection is often easier than attempting to find an LTE or 4G data network, which means customers find Skype to be much more user-friendly than a regular telephone call.

In fact, the Skype app has been downloaded over 1 billion times as of 2016, and every month, there are more than 300 million active Skype users. These potential customers are taking advantage of Skype’s free services not only to call their friends and family, but also to get a hold of companies that are registered with Skype.

Register your business on Skype directory

For a business, this is an incredible way to continue to provide services to customers who are calling from outside the country (or are visiting from another country) as well as those in bad reception areas and those who simply wish to save money. In 2017, over 33,000 companies are registered in the Skype directory. And now, with Skype Announcement, it is easier than ever to inform customers about businesses.

Reach Customers from Around the World

Personalize message for your customers

Skype Announcement is a free Equiinet feature that allows a business to create a personalized message for customers when they call through Skype. With the average telephone company, these voicemail features traditionally cost extra on top of the monthly bill. 

Often, telephone providers will place a time constraint on a voicemail message—sometimes as little as thirty seconds! However, Skype Announcement allows eight entire minutes for companies to describe their hours of operation and location, any upcoming events or specials, their best-sellers, and much more. 

Want to get creative? Use as many different voices as you want in a message, instead of the same-old automated prompts.

Live voice producing HD quality

Skype Announcement’s messaging system is generated through Live Voice, which produces HD quality per Equiinet’s Quality of Service for HD standard: No more garbled, hard-to-understand messages! A business can set its Skype Announcement to repeat itself up to two times after the initial message (which is great for after-hours calls), and Announcements can be changed every month to alert customers to new specials and services.

Free service from Equiinet

This service does not cost anything, and Equiinet will even do all the work! With our turnkey process, we will do all the programming, downloading, registering, and profile setup while you think of the Announcement you want your customers to hear. Simply tell us what images you would like on your Skype profile, such as your company logo or a picture of your business, and Equiinet will do it all, free of charge. Nothing could be simpler or more cost-effective than utilizing Skype Announcement and reaping the rewards of this amazing service.

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Call Equiinet at 702-789-6096 for more information or visit our Skype Announcement page to learn more. We can’t wait to help you grow!

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