Why Your Business Should Consider Being Dog-Friendly

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Las Vegas Goes Pet-Friendly

According to WalletHub, Las Vegas ranks as one of the top ten most pet-friendly cities in the U.S. 

Las Vegas businesses recognize the need for tourists and Nevada residents to include their furry companions in their comings and goings.

It is no surprise, then, that businesses are more willing than ever to allow employees to bring their dogs to work. The benefits of this are well-documented—bringing your dog to work reduces stress, increases productivity, and promotes inter-office social behaviors. Researchers have also discovered unexpected advantages for companies that are dog-friendly: employees are more likely to apply for jobs if they can bring their dogs, and they are less likely to quit a job with a pet-friendly company. This means businesses have happier employees who work harder and stay longer than businesses that don’t allow pets.

Mellisa at R&R Partners says, “The office as a whole is less stressed when there are dogs around…R&R loves all of the fur babies that come in. Our HR supervisor brings her dog in everyday, and our folks in accounting are always spoiling pups with treats!” Plus, R&R Partners also offers pet insurance for their employees. How cool is that!

What Your Business Should Consider

Of course, there are challenges associated with allowing pets in the workplace. Business owners need to be aware of several factors before implementing a pet policy, including:

  • Employees with allergies
  • Employees who are afraid of animals or object to sharing a work space with a dog due to cultural or religious heritages
  • The health and behavior of every dog that enters the workplace
  • Liability insurance

To combat these issues, it is important that businesses ensure all employees who bring dogs to work:

  • maintain their dogs’ good temperaments
  • keep their dogs up-to-date on vaccinations
  • bathe their dogs regularly to decrease pet dander

The workplace itself should provide dog-free accommodations for those who are unable to be around animals. For example, R&R Partners reserves the right for allergic employees to ask coworkers not to bring their dogs to work.

Liability Insurance

A representative from State Farm also recommends that employers who consider allowing employees bring their pet to work “verify the employee’s liability coverage through a renter’s policy, homeowner’s policy, or personal liability umbrella. Additionally, [employers should] be sure to review the business policy to be certain adequate liability limits are in place.” Business owners’ liability policies generally extend coverage for customer property damage and injury due to pets in the workplace, but the employee should be individually protected, as well.

Tell Us About Your Experience

Pet-friendly workplaces like Equiinet make going to work more enjoyable! Tell us about your experience with working for a pet-friendly company—we’d love to hear from you!

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