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Every house of worship has records that need to be kept private. You need a way to keep track of membership, your organization's budget, and special events. Of course, religion is a very private thing, which means you wouldn’t want anyone getting their hands on any of your information. This is where Equiinet comes in. We provide high-speed Internet with network security, along with business telephone services to help you manage your institution.

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IT Solutions for Your Religious Institution

Most religious organizations don’t have a lot of money to pay for IT people to help and protect information. On top of that, there’s no way you can constantly stay open and ready for answering calls all the time. That is why Equiinet wants to help you. Here are just a couple of the things we can do to help your religious institution:

Business Telephone Services: We can help you with 24/7 voice services to answer calls at the church. This is useful because you may not always be at the church when one of your members has an emergency and needs your help. Instead of giving out your personal line to everyone and then having to spend time trying to find the right person who the call needed to go to, you can have one centralized line. When people call the church’s line, they can choose who they want or what they are calling for, and it will transfer to that person. You can set this up, so it transfers directly to that person’s cell phone or home line.

High Speed Internet & Managed WiFi: One of our specialties is getting you the Fastest High Speed Internet at the best price. We offer Internet speeds of up to 10GIGs, Fiber, DSL, Metro-E and more. Your congregation stays connected to your church and you stream sermons online, so you need the fastest speed available. Let us help you.

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