Vestigo SIP Trunk Registration

SIP Trunk Registration and Call Quality Monitoring

Vestigo runs on Equiinet's platform providing managed service providers and IT managers remote monitoring and proactive maintenance.

Vestigo lets you keep a thumb on the pulse of you customer’s network so that you can detect unusual activity and alert / prevent unwanted activity within customer’s network and voice systems.

Vestigo Call Count

Call count in the last 24 hrs

Vesstigo Active Calls

Active Calls

Vestigo Geographical Call Map

Geographical Call Map

Vestigo Call Metrics

Calls for each day of the week

Vestigo Metrics Over Time

Metrics over time

Metrics Monitored:

Calls Count

24 hrs / current / week / month / year

Calls Location

Geographically Displayed

Failed Calls

Popup Notifications

Metrics over time


Vestigo SIP
Vestigo Call Locator
Vestigo Geography

Vestigo makes sure every call made on Equiinet system gets completed.

View call history on your Equiinet Phone System, talk time, destinations and much more.

Vestigo Mobile App
Vestigo Is Mobile


Vestigo beta mobile app is available.

Vestigo Beta Demo

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