VoIP Service Your Law Firm Can Rely On

Law firms must have an open, direct line for clients to quickly communicate the latest updates. Reliable communications with your clients and associates – everywhere and always – is crucial for your business. Equiinet provides protected hardware on all your products with continuous monitoring. Plus, everything is backed with our next-day equipment replacement guarantee.

Mobility Features for On the Go

Legal professionals must appear in court, meet with clients, and negotiate at opponent’s offices—all of which require mobile communications. Equiinet’s mobile features such as Find Me / Follow Me, automatic call routing, remote voicemail access via email, and conference bridge enable you to stay connected on the go.

Fax from Anywhere

Your firm requires advanced functionality, and you are ready to be as efficient as possible. Equiinet’s Virtual Fax allows you to easily receive, review, and send faxes from anywhere.

24/7 Support with the Best Local Staff

Equiinet is dedicated to providing fanatical customer service to all clients. We understand the importance of reliable and quick technical support. Our team is focused on being your trusted technology partner.

24/7 Support Solution
Protect Your Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

The Equiinet system helps car dealerships bottom line too. While most car dealerships spend about $1,700 per month on communications cost for each of their locations, Equiinet's average monthly overlay is around $300. And since Equiinet provides the VoIP service, the PBX and the desk phones, car dealerships receive a single invoice every month that covers all their costs. If there is a problem, Equiinet resolves it.

Equiinet's system performs flawlessly from day one. Let us guide you in choosing the best voice and network security for your automotive dealership.

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